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William Brown

Bill and Gerda Brown, originating from Canada and Denmark, have been missionaries for 40 years. After pastoring in Canada for seven years, they ministered for two years in Sierra Leone, West Africa, nine years in Uganda, East Africa and twenty eight years in Mexico.

They have been extensively involved in the training of national ministers and both hold Bachelors and Masters Degrees of Arts in Christian Education As well as Doctor of Divinity Degrees.

Bill was Vice-President of Gospel Mission to Uganda for nine years and President of La Nueva Esperanza (New Hope Bible College) in Mexico for ten years. This was the largest Charismatic Bible college in the country at that time.

He was at the same time Director of Missions for Glad Tidings Missionary Society of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Gerda has been a co-laborer together with her husband for these years as well. She has been instrumental in establishing choirs, training music groups in worship on the various mission fields and using her skills in teaching and playing organ, piano and accordion. She has led many congregation into the Song of the Lord.

Book Available

Gerda has authored two books, Carismas de Dios, an extensive work in Spanish on the gifts of the Spirit and El Poder del Evangelio, on the Book of Romans, both of which have been published, and are being used in many parts of the Spanish-speaking world as teaching material in Bible colleges.

Bill has authored a booklet AEl Plan de Dios A Travez de la Biblia@ (The Plan of God According to the Bible) which is a visual aid presentation, used with the presenting of Bibles. It has been powerfully effective in hundreds coming to know the Lord as their personal Savior.

Bill and Gerda have traveled extensively in the Unites States, Canada, and throughout the world, including 19 countries in Africa, Denmark, the Orient, Mexico, Central America, Puerto Rico, Spain and the Arctic. They have conducted pastors and leaders seminars as well as strengthening the local churches they have established through training national ministers. They also have been instrumental in spearheading missions projects in a number of churches and have conducted missions conferences in both the United States and Canada.

They are the founders of Harvest Time International, and Cosecha Latina Internacional Publicacions. A non profit publishing company publishing literature in Spanish.

Bill speaks English, Spanish and a smattering of other languages from Africa. Gerda speaks eight languages, helping to make them more effective on the various mission fields. In the future they will be concentrating more in ministry in the Latin American countries, particularly in Mexico, where three full time Bible colleges, plus a number of night Bible Schools have been established through those trained under their ministry. At the present time 100 students are in training and more than 1,500 who have graduated are in various phases of ministry, 475 of them pastor churches throughout Mexico, Central and South America, United States, and Puerto Rico.


They are the founders of the Escuela Avanzada de Ministerio (Advanced School of Ministry) a Degree Program in Mexico and continue along with their Mexican brethren to head up this wonderful training program for Spanish speaking pastors. They are doing this through Christian International College in Santa Rosa Beach Florida.

Involvement across the world

Bill and Gerda are still heavily involved with many works in Uganda, Congo and Kenya Africa, as well as Spanish speaking countries, and Bill in particular is also working with and ministering to and in the Eskimo churches in the Canadian Arctic.